Ohaus™ VX Series Floor Scales

Basic level floor scale.

  • Durable epoxy painted steel frame and platform with NEMA 4X/IP65 stainless steel indicator, NEMA 4/IP67 sealed plastic junction box and IP67 sealed loadcells.
  • Includes internal rechargeable battery.
  • Modes for weighing and counting, includes RS232 output for printing or connection to a PC.

Application- Weighing, parts counting.
Display- LCD with white LED backlight.
Operation- AC power (included), rechargeable battery (included).
Communication- RS232 interface.
Construction- NEMA 4X/IP65 stainless steel indicator, epoxy painted steel frame and platform, fixed top plate 5mm thick, 4 x IP67 NTEP alloy steel load cells, NEMA 4/IP67 plastic junction box with side access.
Design Features- Features eye bolt mounting holes to allow easier lifting and positioning of the platform. 

Model                     Capacity           Readability  Cert. Readability  Platform Size                         Item No.        Price
VX32XW5000X       5000lb/2200kg     1lb/0.5kg                                 5ft x 5ft/152cm x 152cm          80253296      $2,231.25
VX32XW10000L     10000lb/4500kg    2lb/1kg                                    4ft x 4ft/122cm x 122cm         80253297      $2,554.25
VX32XW10000X     10000lb/4500kg    2lb/1kg                                   5ft x 5ft/152cm x 152cm          80253298      $2,707.25 
VX32XW2500L        2500lb/1000kg     0.5lb/0.2kg   0.5lb/0.2kg         4ft x 4ft/122cm x 122cm          80253294      $1,891.25 
VX32XW5000L        5000lb/2200kg     1lb/0.5kg      1lb/0.5kg            4ft x 4ft/122cm x 122cm          80253295      $1,891.25 

Accessories                                                       Item No.           Price
Column Kit, Painted, Floor Scale                      30047153           $72.90
Column Kit,k SST, Floor Scale                          30047154         $174.60
Printer Impact SF40A Am                                  30064203        $684.00
Printer Thermal STP-103, 120VAC-US              80251992        $532.80
Foot Kit, Set(4), VX                                            80252545          $81.90
Foot Plate, Set(2), Painted, VX                         80252548           $58.50
Ramp, 48x48in, 2.5K, 5K, VX                            80252766         $712.80
Ramp, 69x60in, 5K,VX                                      80252767         $900.00
Ramp,48x48in,10K,VX                                      80252795       $1,470.60
Ramp, 60x60in,10K,VX                                      80252796      $1,627.20
Bolt Kit, Floor, VX                                               80252838           $18.90
Cable RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger         80500525         $132.30
Cable, RS232, CKWTxxXW                                80500552         $121.50
Software, Winwedge                                           80850080         $374.40
Interface Kit, RS232-USB                                   30304101           $99.00
Interface Kit, RS232-Ethernet                             30304102           $99.00