Ohaus™ Ranger® 4000 Compact Bench Scales
The Best Value for Durable Industrial Weighing

  • Sturdy metal housing and slip-resistant rubber feet provide the protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing, while extending the product's usable life.
  • The largest, white LED display on any scale in its class, combined with checkweighing LEDs and audible indicators, make Ranger 4000 highly functional in loud and dim industrial settings.
  • Spend time on your work, not on mastering the technicalities of the scale. SmarText™ software makes scale setup and use very simple.

Application             Weighing, parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing, animal/dynamic weighing, display hold, accumulation.
Display                    Light-emitting diode display (LED), 3 color checkweighing LEDs.
Operation                AC power (included) or rechargeable battery (included).
Communication      Easy access communication port including standard RS232 (included) and second RS232, USB or Ethernet (accessories sold separately).
Construction           Rugged cast aluminum housing, stainless steeel platform.
Design Features     Cast aluminum housing, stainless steel platform, integral weigh-below hook, sealed front panel, menu lock switch, up front level indicator, adjustable leveling feet, selectable environmental and auto-print settings, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, auto tare, NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada Approved.

Model        Capacity    Readability     Ceritfied                    Platform Size                                               Item No.      Price
R41ME3     6lb/3kg       0.0002lb/0.1g   0.002lb/1g                8.9in x 11.8in/ 225mm x 300mm                   30236775    $645.15
R41ME6     15lb/6kg     0.0005lb/0.2g   0.005lb/2g                8.9in x 11.8in/ 225mm x 300mm                   30236776    $645.15
R41ME15   30lb/15kg   0.001lb/0.5g     0.01lb/5g                  8.9in x 11.8in/ 225mm x 300mm                   30236777    $645.15
R41ME30   60lb/30kg   0.002lb/1g        0.02lb/10g                8.9in x 11.8in/ 225mm x 300mm                   30236778    $645.15

Accessories                                                 Item Number                 Price
PCBA kit, 2nd platform, RC31                       30037446                     $104.40
Ethernet Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71                  30037447                     $104.40
RS232 Kit, R31 RC31 R71 V71                     30037448                     $104.40
USB Kit, R31 RC31 V71                                30037449                     $104.40
In Use Cover                                                  30240697                       $23.40
Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM                           30064203                     $684.00
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US                      80251992                     $532.80
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger   80500525                     $132.30
Software, Winwedge                                      80850080                     $374.40