Ohaus™ Pioneer® Analytical Balances

The Best Balance For Basic Weighing!

  • Pioneer's draftshield is constructed with all glass panels and three sliding doors, which are easy to remove for cleaning or storage.
  • The up-front level indicator is located right next to the display and allows you to quickly make sure the balance is level prior to each use.
  • Pioneer is designed with selectable environmental settings and three filter modes in order to ensure accurate operation in a variety of settings. 

Application- Weighing, parts counting, percent weighing
Display-  Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation- AC adapter (included)
Communication- RS232 (included)
Construction- Metal base, ABS housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with sliding top door, Up-front level indicator, integrated weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, full housing in-use cover.
Design Features-  Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, software lockout and reset menu, user selectable communications and printing settings, auto standby. 

Model    InCal™        Cap.    Readability      Pan Size                      Item No.         Price
PA84                           85g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208440       $1,433.10
PA84C       •                85g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208454       $1,611.60
PA124                       120g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208441       $1,720.40 
PA124C     •              120g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208455       $1,898.90
PA224                       200g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208442       $1,910.80
PA224C     •              200g       0.1mg             ø3.5in/ ø90mm            30208456       $2,090.15

Accessories                                                                                        Item No.            Price
Auxiliary Display PVD7,PA                                                                  80251396          $45.90
Density Kit, Solids                                                                               80253384        $534.60
Anti-Theft Device,SP PA AV                                                               80850000          $61.20
Cable, RS9 M/F, 1.5m                                                                        12122603        $132.30
Software, Winwedge                                                                           80850080        $374.40
Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM                                                                30064203        $684.00
Dust Cover, Balance with Draft Shield                                                30093334         $33.30
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US                                                           80251992       $532.80
Cable, RS232, CBM910-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP                               80252571       $132.30
Cable, ST103-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP                                               80252581       $132.30
Cable, 25 Pin-9 Pin, PC-TxxP                                                            80500524       $132.30
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger                                        80500525       $132.30
Adapter, 25 Pin-9 Pin, SF42 SRP275                                                80500572         $45.90
Ink Ribbon, SF40A SF42A                                                                 12120798         $36.90
In-use-cover, PA                                                                                 83020221         $31.50
Paper Roll, Set (2), 57.5mm, SF40A                                                  12120799         $11.70