Ohaus™ Navigator® XL Portable Balances

The only scale in its class with touchless sensors that free up you hands!

  • The Navigator Series is designed with two touchless sensors that will free up your hands so you can focus on handling samples.
  • The Navigator Series is designed to accurately stabilize in less than one second to provide fast and accurate weighing results, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput.
  • The Navigator Series is designed with a superior mechanical overload protection system that allows the scale to withstand loads up to 400% of its rated capacity.

Application- Weighing, percent weighing, parts counting, check weighing, display hold, accumulate/totalize.
Display- Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight.
Operation- AC adapter (included) or internal rechargeable battery (optional) or 4 C batteries (not included)
Communication- Optional RS232 or USB or Ethernet interface kits with integrated cables.
Construction- ABS housing, stainless steel pan.
Design Features- Up front illuminated level indicator, removable stainless steel weighing platform, menu lockswitch, integral security bracket, integral shipping lock, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, low battery indicator, auto shut off. 

Model            Cap.     Readability        Pan Size                                    Item No.      Price
NVL511/1       510g          0.1g               7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm     83033058    $459.85
NVL1101/1    1100g        0.1g               7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm   83033062    $501.50
NVL2101/1    2100g        0.1g               7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm   83033066    $544.00
NVL5101/1    5100g        0.5g               7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm   83033070    $523.60
NVL10000/1  10000g      1g                  7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm   83033074    $585.65
NVL20000/1  20000g      1g                  7.6in x 8in/ 194mm x 203mm   83033078    $585.65 

Accessories-                                                                                                       Item No.     Price
Cable, PC, 9 Pin, NV AV                                                                                        12106964   $136.80
Auxiliary Display, TAD7, SP SPJTA TAJ                                                                80251395     $45.90
Printer, thermal, STP-103, 120VAC-US                                                                 80251992   
Anti-theft device, SP PA AV                                                                                   80850000     $61.20
Software, Winwedge                                                                                              80850080   $374.40
Rechargeable Battery, NVL NVT                                                                           83032106      $35.10
Interface kit, RS232, SPJ TAJ                                                                                83032107  
Interface kit, USB, SPU TA NV                                                                              83032108    $113.40
Interface kit, Ethernet, NV NVL NVT                                                                      83032109   $113.40
In use cover, NVL                                                                                                   83032222     $21.60
Carrying Case, NVL                                                                                               83032225     $80.10