Ohaus™ MB120 Moisture Analyzers
Moisture analysis made simple and powerful

  • MB120's temperature guide analyzes a sample and determines the optimal drying temperature. Store up to 100 drying methods for easy recall and up to 1000 total results for statistical analysis.
  • Precisely controlled halogen heating dries samples uniformly, producing repeatable results of 0.01% readability. Four drying profiles and predefined and user definable shut-off criteria help to perform customized sample tests.
  • The MB120 features a removable pan handler and sample chamber for easy cleaning. Operating the MB120 is intuitive - simply follow the guided instructions on the touchscreen display.

Application    Percent moisture determination, percent moisture regain determination, percent solid determination, weighing
Display         4.3" TFT color touchscreen display
Operation      Power cord (included)
Communication  RS232, USB host and USB device (included)
Construction   Metal base, ABS top housing, halogen heat source, stainless steel pan support, stainless steel pan handler, in-use cover
Design Features  Seven shut-off criteria (manual, timed, autofree %/s, autofree mg/s, A30, A60 and A90), four drying profiles (standard, fast, ramp and step), storage for up to 100 methods and 1000 test results for all methods, temperature guide, 40°C to 230°C heating temperature range (1°C increments), 13 operational languages.

Model    Capacity      Moisture Readability                    Pan Size                  Item No.                 Price
MB120    120g             0.01%                                            90mm                       30241165             $3,561.50

Accessories                                                                                                      Item No.                 Price
Temperature calibration kit MB                                                                          11113857               $408.60
Pan Holder, MB90 MB120                                                                                  30246947                $46.80
Printer impact SF40A AM                                                                                   30064203              $684.00
Printer, thermal, STP-103, 120VAC-US                                                             80251992              $532.80
In-use-cover, accessory, MB90 MB120                                                             30284478                $54.00
Sample cage, MB23 MB25                                                                                 80252477               $70.20
Pan, D90X7mm 3pcs, MB2 MB25                                                                      80252478               $57.60
Pan, D90X14mm 3pcs, MB23 MB25                                                                  80252479               $61.20
Cable, ST103-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP                                                               80252581             $132.30
Scoop, accessory, MB90 MB120                                                                        30284477               $33.30
Anti-theft device, MB EX EP VP                                                                         80850043              $158.40
Software, Winwedge                                                                                           80850080              $374.40
Pan, aluminum(80), MB                                                                                      80850086                $43.20
Pads, glass fibre(200)                                                                                         80850087                $71.10