Ohaus™ HH Series Portable Balances
Convenient, compact and portable weighing in a functional design.

  • HH is available in capacities ranging from 120g to 320g and is ideal for a variety of general, on the go weighing applications for many industries.
  • A backlit display illuminates the screen for viewing in dim lighting conditions, and a power-saving automatic shut off feature conserves battery life.
  • Among HH's protective features are durable ABS housing and a snap-on cover for protection during storage and transportation.

Application                       Weighing
Display                             Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation                         2AAA batteries (included)
Construction                    ABS housing and pan, protective snap-on cover
Design Features              Overload/underload indicators, external push-button calibration

Model                          Capacity                 Readability              Pan Size                                   Item No.         Price
HH120                         120g                             0.1g                    3.25in x 3in/ 83mm x 76mm       71142842      $155.55
HH120D                       60g/120g                     0.2g                    3.25in x 3in/ 83mm x 76mm       71142841      $130.05
HH320                         320g                             0.1g                    3.25in x 3in/ 83mm x 76mm       71142844      $193.80