Ohaus™ Explorer® Precision High Capacity Balances

Intelligent Performance No Matter How Difficult the Task!

  • The Explorer features 3 high capacity models with capacities of 12kg to 35kg and a readability of 0.1g. The extra large platform makes Explorer ideal for precision bulk weighing applications.
  • Superior shock resistance with 2-D protection guards Explorer against disruptions in service due to shock or sudden movesments and IP54 base enclosure protects the weighing base from damage by debris.
  • Explorer's modular design features a color touch display that can be separated from the weighing base and two programmable touch free sensors that minimize cross-contamination and button wear. 

Application- Weighing, percent weighing, parts counting, checkweighing, dynamic/animal weighing, filling, totalization, formulation, differential weighing, density determination, peak hold, ingredient costing,pipette adjustment, SQC.
Display- Full-color VGA graphic display (5.7in/ 14.com diagonal), 4-wire resistive touch screen. Virtual QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad to quickly input GLP and GMP data and other application data.
Operation- Power cord (included) or rechargeable battery (optional).
Communication- Easy access communication ports including standard USB and RS232 and an optional third port of either RS232 or Ethernet. GLP/GMP data output with real time clock. Data transfer function.
IP54 metal base, ABS display housing, stainless steel pan, replaceable in-use cover.
Design Features- AutoCal™ fully-automatic internal calibration system, fast stabilization time, two touchless sensors, up to 13 operation languages, menu lock switch, security bracket, integral weigh below hook for below balance weighing applications, removable stainless steel weighing pan, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, auto standby, accessory rolling feet offer mobility. 

Model      Capacity    Readability    Pan Size                                         Item No.     Price
EX12001  12000g        0.1g               14.8in x 12.2in/ 377mm x 311mm     30057099   $2,856.00
EX24001  24000g       0.1g               14.8in x 12.2in/ 377mm x 311mm   30057100   $3,480.75
EX35001  35000g       0.1g               14.8in x 12.2in/ 377mm x 311mm   30057101   $4,105.50 

Accessories-                                                 Item No.                     Price
Rechargeable battery, EX-HiCap                 30041295                   $266.40
Wheel, adjustable assembly, EX-HiCap       30041470                   $113.40
Printer Impact SF40A AM                             30064203                   $684.00
Interface Kit, RS232, 9m, EX-HiCap             30078078                  $104.40
Column,Tower assembly, EX-HiCap            30078082                   $104.40
Auxiliary disply PVD7, PA                             80251396                     $45.90
Printer, thermal, STP-103, 120VAC-US        80251992                   $532.80
Cable, STP103, DV EX AV PA MB TxxP      80252581                   $132.30
Cable, PC, RS232, 15Pin, T31-71P              80500524                   $132.30
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger  80500525                   $132.30
Anti-theft device, SP PA AV                          80850000                     $61.20 
Anti-theft device, MB EX EP VP                    80850043                  $158.40
Software, Winwedge                                     80850080                   $374.40
Interface kit, RS232, 2nd, EX                        83021081                  $132.30
Interface kit, Ethernet, EX                             83021082                   $132.30
Cable, Teminal Extension, EX                      83021083                     $72.90
Interface kit, cable, USB, type A-B, EX         83021085                  $132.30
Foot switch, kit EX                                         83021086                  $126.00
In use cover, terminal, EX                             83033633                    $55.80