Ohaus™ ES Series Bench Scales

Multipurposes Low Profile Bench Scale

  • Six models to choose from ranging from 6kg to 200kg.
  • The three-way mounting bracket allows you to mount the indicator to the scale base, above the scale platform , or on any vertical surface.
  • Stainless steel platform and painted steel frame.

Application- Weighing.
Display- Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation- AC adapter (included) or 3 C (LR14) batteries (not included).
Construction- ABS indicator, stainless steel platform.
Design Features- Stability indicator, auto-zero tracking, 3 way mounting bracket (column, wall and platform). 

Model         Capacity           Readability         Platform Size                                        Item No.       Price
ES6R         13.225lb/6kg      0.005lb/0.002kg  12.2in x 10.8in/ 310mm x 270mm          71138830     $620.50
ES30R       66.1lb/30kg       0.05lb/0.01kg      12.2in x 10.8in/ 310mm x 270mm        71138831     $620.50
ES50R       110.2lb/50kg     0.05lb/0.02kg      12.2in x 10.8in/ 310mm x 270mm        71138832     $620.50
ES50L        110.2lb/50kg     0.05lb/0.02kg      20.5in x 15.7in/ 520mm x 400mm       71138833     $658.75
ES100L      220.4lb/100kg   0.1lb/0.05kg        20.5in x 15.7in/ 520mm x 400mm       71138834     $658.75
ES200L      440.8lb/200kg   0.2lb/0.1kg          20.5in x 15.7in/ 520mm x 400mm       71138835     $658.75