Ohaus™ Defender® Q Series Bases

Top quality base for industrial environments.

  • Black polyurethane painted steel form and weld frame with stainless steel platform.
  • Durability, rigidity and structural integrity.
  • High resolution.

Construction- 304 grade stainless steel platform, painted carbon steel form and weld frame, IP6 aluminum load cell.
Design Features- 5 or 6 point overload stops for 150% safe overload protection. 

Model          Capacity     Readability        Cert. Readability     Platform Size                            Item No.          Price
D10QR         25lb/10kg      0.002lb/1g           0.005lb/2g              12in x 12in/305mm x 305mm   80251920          $566.10
D25QR         50lb/25kg      0.005lb/2g           0.01lb/5g                12in x 12in/305mm x 305mm   80251921          $636.65
D50QL         100lb/50kg     0.01lb/5g             0.02lb/10g              18in x 18in/457mm x 457mm   80251922          $636.65
D100QL       250lb/100kg   0.02lb/10g           0.05lb/20g              18in x 18in/457mm x 457mm   80251923          $875.50
D250QX       500lb/250kg   0.05lb/20g           0.1lb/50g                24in x 24in/610mm x 610mm   80251924       $1,176.40