Ohaus™ Defender® H Series Bases

Top quality base for industrail environments.

  • Black polyurethane painted steel form and weld frame with stainless steel platform.
  • Durability, rigidity and structural integrity.
  • High resolution.

Construction- 304 grade stainless steel platform with black polyurethane painted steel form and weld frame, IP67 aluminum load cell.
Design Features- Platform with 5 or 6 point overload stops for 150% safe overload protection. 

Model     Capacity      Readability   Cert. Readability    Platform Size                             Item No.         Price
D15HR    30lb/ 15kg     0.002lb/1g     0.01lb/5g                 14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm      30379448      $639.20
D30HR    60lb/ 30kg     0.005lb/2g       0.02lb/10g               14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm      30379449      $639.20
D60HR    150lb/ 60kg   0.01lb/5g       0.05lb/20g               14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm      30379450      $639.20
D60HL     150lb/ 60kg   0.01lb/5g       0.05lb/20g               16in x 20in/400mm x 500mm      30379451      $639.20
D100HL   250lb/100kg  0.02lb/10g       0.1lb/50g               16in x 20in/400mm x 500mm      30379452      $805.80
D150HX   300lb/150kg  0.02lb/10g     0.1lb/50g                 22in x 17in/550mm x 420mm      30379453      $989.40
D300HX   600lb/300kg  0.05lb/50g     0.2lb/100g               22in x 17in/550mm x 420mm      30379454      $989.40