Ohaus™ Defender® B Series Bases

The best base for basic industrial needs.

  • Sturdy tubular platform design with high quality 304 stainless steel platform.
  • IP67 stainless steel load cell.
  • Externally visible level bubble and adjustable non-slip leveling feet.


Construction- 304 grade stainless steel platform, stainless steel tubular frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell.
Design Features- 5 or 6 point overload stops for 125% safe overload protection. 



Model    Capacity     Readability   Cert. Readability        Platform Size                                          Item No.             Price
D15VR     30lb/ 15kg   0.005lb/0.002kg   N/A                      14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm                  30379434          $532.95
    60lb/30kg       0.01lb/5g      0.02lb/10g                 14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm                  30379435          $532.95
D60VR    150lb/60kg     0.02lb/10g    0.05lb/20g                 14in x 12in/355mm x 305mm                  30379436          $532.95
D60VL     150lb/60kg     0.02lb/10g    0.05lb/20g                 21.7in x 21.7in/550mm x 420mm           30379437          $532.95 
D150VL   300lb/150kg   0.05lb/20g    0.1lb/50g                   21.7in x 21.7in/550mm x 420mm           30379438          $532.95
D150VX   300lb/150kg   0.05lb/20g    0.1lb/50g                   25.6in x 19.7in/650mm x 500mm           30379439          $532.95 
D300VX   600lb/300kg   0.1lb/50g      0.2lb/100g                 25.6in x 19.7in/650mm x 500mm           30379440          $532.95