Ohaus™ Defender® 7000 Standard

Multi-Functional, High Quality Modular Scale for Advanced Applications

  • User-selectable language settings.
  • Advanced applications including accumulation, library and optional alibi memory.
  • Two scale operation plus multiple interface and relay options.

Application- Weighing, display hold, dynamic weighing, counting, checkweighing, percent weighing, accumulation, library of up to 256 records.
Display- LCD display with white LED backlight, alphanumeric line and multi-language, plus 3 color checkweigh LEDS.
Operation- Internal universal power supply or 6x C (LR14) batteries or optional internal NiMH rechargeable battery.
Communication- RS232 interface with GMP, time-date,k optional RS422/485, AC.DC relay, 2nd RS232.
ABS indicator, 304 grade stainless steel platform pan with black polyurethane painted steel form and weld frame, IP67 aluminum load cell, stainless steel column and wall bracket included.
Design Features-
Alpha numeric keypad on indicator, platform with 5 or 6 point overload stops for 150% safe overload protection. 

Model                Cap.           Readability      Certified       Platform Size                                        Item No.      Price
D71P10QR1     25lb/10kg     0.002lb/1g     0.005lb/2g     12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm               80501477  $1,027.65
D71P15HR1     30lb/15kg     0.005lb/1g     0.01lb/5g     14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm              80501303    $941.80
D71P25QR1     50lb/25kg     0.005lb/2g     0.01lb/5g     12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm              80501478 $1,027.65
D71P30HR1     60lb/30kg     0.01lb/2g       0.02lb/10g   14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm              80501304    $941.80
D71P50QL2     100lb/50kg    0.01lb/5g       0.02lb/10g   18in x 18in/ 457mm x 457mm             80501479  $1,142.40 
D71P60HR1    120lb/60kg     0.02lb/5g      0.05lb/20g   14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm              80501305    $941.80
D71P60HL2     120lb/60kg     0.02lb/5g     0.05lb/20g    19.7in x 15.7in/ 500mm x 400mm       80501306  $1,090.55
D71P100HL2    200lb/100kg  0.02lb/10g   0.05lb/20g    19.7in x 15.7in/ 500mm x 400mm       80501307  $1,090.55
D71P100QL2    250lb/100kg  0.02lb/20g   0.05lb/20g    18in x 18in/ 457mm x 457mm             80501480  $1,142.40
D71P150HX2    300lb/150kg  0.05lb/10g   0.1lb/20g      21.7in x 16.5in/ 550mm x 420mm       80501308  $1,148.35 
D71P250QX2    500lb/250kg  0.05lb/20g   0.1lb/50g      24in x 24in/ 610mm x 610mm             80501481  $1,641.35
D71P300HX2    600lb/300kg  0.1lb/50g     0.2lb/100g    21.7in x 16.5in/550mm x 420mm       80501309  $1,277.55   

Accessories                                                        Item No.         Price
Printer Impact SF40A AM                                   30064203       $684.00
Wall Mount Kit, Painted, T51PT71P                 72200227         $39.60
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, 120VAC-US            80251992       $503.20
Alibi Memory Kit, T71 R71                                  80500503         $82.80
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger      80500525      $132.30
Relay Kit, AC, T51 T71                                       80500720       $241.20
Column Kit, Painted, Floor Stand                      30047153        $72.90
Column Kit, Stainless Steel, Floor Stand         30047154       $174.60
Wheel Kit, Defenders                                       30372146         $90.00
Base Mount Kit, Painted, T51PT71P                80500722        $37.80
Relay Kit, DC, T51 T71                                      80500727       $207.00
Rechargeable Battery Kit, T51 T71                    80500729       $155.70 
Interface Kit, RS422/485, T51 T71                     80500731         $67.50
Interface Kit, RS232, T51 T71                           80500733          $50.40
Software, Winwedge                                          80850080        $374.40
Load Cell Cable Adapter Kit                            80500736          $47.70
Interface Kit, RS232-USB                                30304101          $99.00
Interface Kit, RS232-Ethernet                          30304102          $99.00