Ohaus™ Defender® 5000 Bench Scales

Smart Functionality and Durability for Industrial Applications!

  • Applications including dynamic weighing and checkweighing.
  • Defender 5000 offers multiple weighing modes including counting, percent weighing, dynamic/animal weighing and checkweighing to meet the needs of various applications and industries.
  • Includes an internal power supply with universal line cord or can be powered by 6 C (LR14) batteries for up to 80 hours.

Application- Weighing, dynamic weighing, parts counting, checkweighing, percent weighing, display hold.
Display- Liquid crystal display (LCD) with white LED backlight plus 3 color checkweigh LEDs.
Operation- Internal universal power supply, 6 x C (LR14) batteries (not included) or optional internal NiMH rechargeable battery.
Communication- RS232 (included), 2nd RS232 (available as an accessory), RS422/485 (available as an accessory).
Construction- ABS indicator, 304 grade stainless steel platform pan with black polyurethane painted steel form and weld frame, IP67 aluminum load cell, painted steel column and wall bracket included.
Design Features- Platform with 5 or 6 point overload stops for 150% safe overload protection. 

Model                Capacity      Readability  Readability   Platform Size                                    Item No.       Price
D51P10QR1     25lb/10kg       0.002lb/1g    0.005lb/2g    12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm            80501154   $1,027.65
D51P15HR1     30lb/ 15kg      0.005lb/1g    0.01lb/ 5g     14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm            80500511      $941.80
D51P25QR1     50lb/ 25kg      0.005/ 2g      0.01lb/ 5g     12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm            80501155   $1,027.65
D51P30HR1     60lb/ 30kg      0.01lb/ 2g      0.02lb/ 10g   14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm           80500512      $941.80
D51P50QL2     100lb/ 50kg    0.01lb/ 5g      0.02lb/ 10g   18in x 18in/ 457mm x 457mm           80501156   $1,142.40
D51P60HR1     150lb/ 60kg    0.02lb/ 5g      0.05lb/ 20g   14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm           80500513      $941.80
D51P60HL2     150lb/ 60kg     0.02lb/ 5g     0.05lb/ 20g   19.7in x 15.7in/ 500mm x 400mm     80500514   $1,090.55
D51P100QL2   250lb/ 100kg   0.02lb/ 10g   0.05lb/ 20g   18in x 18in/ 457mm x 457mm           80501157   $1,142.40
D51P150HX2   300lb/ 150kg   0.05lb/ 10g   0.1lb/ 20g     21.7in x 16.5in/ 550mm x 420mm     80251833   $1,148.35
D51P100HL2   250lb/ 100kg   0.05lb/ 20g   0.1lb/ 50g     19.7in x 15.7in/ 500mm x 400mm     80500515   $1,090.55
D51P250QX2   500lb/ 250kg   0.05lb/ 20g   0.1lb/ 50g     24inx 24in/ 610mm x 610mm            80501158   $1,641.35
D51P300HX2   600lb/ 300kg    0.1lb/ 50g    0.2lb/100g    21.7in x 16.5in/ 550mm x 420mm     80500516   $1,277.55     

Accessories                                                   Item No.         Price
Printer Impact SF40A AM                                  30064203       $684.00
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, 120VAC-US           80251992       $503.20
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger    80500525       $132.30
Interface Kit,RS323-USB                                 30304101         $99.00
Interface Kit, RS323-Ethernet                         30304102          $99.00
Wheel Kit, Defenders                                       30372146         $99.00
Relay Kit, AC, T51 T71                                      80500720       $241.20
Wall Mount Kit, Pianted, T51PT71P                80500722         $37.80
Relay Kit, DC, T51 T71                                      80500727       $207.00
Rechargeable Battery Kit, T51 T71                    80500729       $155.70 
Interface Kit, RS422/485, T51 T71                     80500731         $67.50
Interface Kit, RS232, T51 T71                           80500733          $50.40
Software, Winwedge                                          80850080        $374.40
Cable, SF42,AV DV MB Ranger                        80500571
Column Kit, Painted, Floor Stand                    30047153          $72.90
Column Kit, Stainless Steel, Floor Stand         30047154        $174.60