Ohaus™ Defender® 3000 Stainless Steel Bench Scales

Designed with Affordability in Mind, But No Compromise On Quality!

  • Four capacities of 60lb/30kg, 150lb/60kg, 300lb/150kg, and 600lb/300kg with a maximum resolution of 1:6000-7500d all featuring a 304 stainless steel platform with stainless steel frame and stainless steel IP67 load cell.
  • Indicator features a stainless steel housing with NEMA 4X/IP65 protection.
  • Internal universal switching power supply and 58-hour internal rechargeable battery included.

Application- Weighing, parts counting.
Display- Liquid crystal display (LCD) with white LED backlight.
Operation- Internal universal power supply or internal rechargeable battery (included).
Communication- RS232 interface.
Construction- IP65 stainless steel indicator, 304 grade stainless steel platform pan with stainless steel tubular frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell, stainless steel column and wall bracket included.
Design Features- Indicator with hinged front cover for easy servicing. Platform with 5 or 6 point overload stops for 125% safe overload protection. 

Model                Capacity   Readability   Readability               Platform Size                                       Item No.        Price
D32XW15VR     30lb/15kg  0.005lb/0.002kg  0.01lb/0.002kg   14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm                30369114      $997.05 D32XW30VR     66lb/ 30kg    0.02lb/ 5g     0.02lb/ 10g             14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm               83999817    $1,049.75
D32XW60VR   132lb/ 60kg    0.05lb/ 10g   0.05lb/ 20g             14in x 12in/ 355mm x 305mm               83999818    $1,049.75
D32XW60VL    132lb/ 60kg    0.05lb/ 10g   0.05lb/ 20g             21.7in x 16.5in/ 550mm x 420mm        83999819    $1,312.40 
D32XW150VL  330lb/ 150kg  0.05lb/ 20g   0.1lb/ 50g               21.7in x 16.5in/ 550mm x 420mm         83999820    $1,312.40
D32XW150VX  330lb/ 150kg  0.05lb/ 20g   0.1lb/ 50g               25.6in x 19.7in/ 650mm x 500mm         83999821    $1,750.15
D32XW300VX  660lb/ 300kg  0.2lb/ 30g     0.2lb/ 100g             25.6in x 19.7in/ 650mm x 500mm         83999822    $1,750.15 

Accessories                                                       Item No.          Price
Printer Impact SF40A AM                                  30064203       
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US                          80251992       $503.20
Software, Winwedge                                          80850080       $374.40
Cable, RS323, CKW TxxXW                              80500552       $121.50
Column Kit, Painted, Floor Stand                       30047153         $72.90
Column Kit, Stainless Steel, Floor Stand           30047154        $174.60
Wheel Kit, Defenders                                          30372146         $90.00