Ohaus™ CL Series Portable Balances
Reliable, easy to use balance for basic weighing

  • The low profile CL has a stackable design which allows the balance to be stored securely and orderly.
  • The integrated load cell lock protects the weighing cell from damage during transportation and while in storage.
  • The CL is battery operated and automatically shuts off after a certain period of non-use to preserve battery life.

Application             Weighing
Display                    Liquid crystal display (LCD)
Operation               3AA batteries (included) or AC adapter (accessory sold separately)
Construction          ABS housing and pan
Design Features    Mechanical and software overload/ underload protection, auto shut-off

Model      Capacity     Readability          Pan Size                                       Item No.              Price
CL201          200g             0.1g                 ø 4.75in/ ø120mm                      80010610              $79.05
CL2000      2000g                1g                 ø 4.75in/ ø120mm                      80010611              $79.05
CL5000      5000g                1g                 ø 4.75in/ ø120mm                      80010612            $108.80
CL5000F    5000g                1g                 ø 4.75in/ ø120mm                      80010621            $156.40

Accessories                                                                                                 Item No.              Price
PWR, ACCES, AC-PRONG                                                                         46001776            $11.70
PWR, W, IN, 6W,12VDC,S21x55x9x100,S                                                  46001724            $31.50
Pan Cover, SST, CL                                                                                     80010623            $11.70