Ohaus™ CKW Bench Scale Bases

High quality base designed for food applications!

  • NSF certified, USDA-AMS accepted, supports HACCP-certified systems.
  • All stainless steel construction with IP67 protection.

Construction- 304 grade stainless steel platform, 304 grade stainless steel frame, IP67 stainless steel load cell.
Design Features- No visible threads for conformance to food safety standards. 

Model       Capacity   Readability   Cert. Readability   Platform Size                               Item No.      Price
CKW3R     6lb/3kg      0.001lb/0.5g   0.002lb/1g               10in x 10in/ 254mm x 254mm      30379430    $633.25
CKW6R     15lb/6kg    0.002lb/1g     0.005lb/2g               10in x 10in/ 254mm x 254mm       30379431    $633.25
CKW15L    30lb/15kg  0.005lb/2g     0.01lb/5g                 12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm      30379432    $736.95 
CKW30L    60lb/30kg  0.01lb/5g       0.02lb/10g               12in x 12in/ 305mm x 305mm      30379433    $736.95