Ohaus™ Aviator® 7000 Price Computing Scale
Versatile Counter Top Price Computing Scale for Retail Business

  • Quick-response light-touch keyboard with exchangeable preset card and keysheet layers.
  • Standard alkaline D-cell or rechargeale NiMH batteries plus integrated carry handles for portablility.
  • Multiple connection possibilities - RS232 or USB to POS, RS232 to external printer.

Application  Weighing, price computing.
Display  4-line backlit LCD including 6-digit weight, 6-digit unit price, 7-digit total price and 4-digit preset tare line.
Operation  AC adapter (included) or 6 Alkaline (not included) or 6 NiMH rechargeable D- cell batteries (available as an accessory).
Communication  RS232 (available as an accessory), USB (as an accessory)
Construction  ABS housing with stainless steel platform.
Design Features  100 PLU and 24 preset keys plus exchangeable preset card and keysheet layers, adjustable rubber non-slip feet & front level bubble, integrated adapter storage and carry handles, NTEP certified.

Model                    Capacity                 Readability                    Cert. Readability        Platform Size                        Item No.  Price

A71P15DNUS     15lb;30lb/ 6kg;15kg  0.005lb;0.01lb/ 2g;5g  0.005lb; 0.01lb/ 2g;5g  9.5in x13.3in/240mm x 337mm 72248760 $345.10
A71P15DTNUS  15lb 30lb/ 6kg;15kg     0.005lb;0.01lb/2g;5g  0.005lb;0.01lb/2g;5g   9.5in x13.3in/240mm x337mm 72248762 $393.55
A71P30DNUS     30lb;60lb/15kg;30kg  0.01lb;0.02lb/ 5g;10g  0.01lb;0.02lb/ 5g;10g  9.5in x13.3in/240mm x 337mm 72248761 $345.10
A71P30DTNUS  30lb;60lb/15kg;30kg   0.01lb;0.02lb/ 5g;10g  0.01lb;0.02lb/5g;10g  9.5in x 13.3in/240mm x 337mm 72248763 $393.55

Accessories                                                  Item No.         Price          Accessories                                       Item No.     Price
Printer, impact, SF40A, AM                          30064203       $684.00       In use cover, bRite A51 A71               72247038   $25.20
Rechargeable batter, x6, NiMH, bRite A71   72151831      $160.20       In use cover, pan bRite A51 A71        72247039   $17.10
SP, keypad, silicone, bRite A71                    72231249        $21.60      Pan, rectangle, deep, bRite A51 A71   72247115   $85.50
Keypad white silicone pad bRite A71            72231250        $17.10      Cable,RJ45-RS232, printer, bRite A71 72249531  $32.40
Cable, RJ45-RS232, POS, bRite A71           72237981        $32.40      Thermal printer head bRite A71AM      72253293  $532.80
Cable, RJ45-USB, POS, bRite A71              72237984        $32.40       Paper roll, (1), printer, bRite A71         72255953   $13.50
Function keyboard NA 100g OHAUS bLite   72241852       $11.70        Printer, thermal, STP-103, US            80251992   $532.80