Salter Brecknell™ S133 Electronic Bench Scale

The S133 is a self contained industrial scale with optional RS-232 interface for simple weighing applications. A large backlight LCD display, internal battery and functions that include check weighing and totalizing makes this a very versatile scale. Operates on UK AC adapter(included) EC trade approved at 3000 divisions; unapproved at 6000 divisions.

Scale Dimension                                         Platform Dimension
635mm (L) x 425mm (W) x 837mm (H)      420mm (W) x 520mm (L)
25" L x 16.75" W x 34" H                             16.5" W x 20.5" L

Part Number (UK)    OIML Approved    Capacity                Volt            Price
816965004652            Unapproved          60kg x 10g               230V           $554.20
816965004669           Unapproved          150kg x 20g            230V          $554.20
816965004676           Unapproved          300kg x 50g            230V          $554.20 
AWT05-504543          Approved              60kg x 20g              230V          $624.75
AWT05-504544          Approved              150kg x 50g            230V          $624.75
AWT05-504545          Approved              300kg x 100g          230V          $624.75 

AWT25-800002          RS-232 kit                                                                 $135.00