Salter Brecknell™ Model 3700LP Bench Bases

The 3700LP bench bases connect to a variety of Brecknell indicators. Choose from three sizes with capacities from 5kg to 100kg/ 10lb to 250lb to fit the needs of any application. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion and makes cleaning easy. The single load cell design with no moving parts means low maintenance. Less than 1/2" of deflection in the base. Minimizes shock load and off-center loading error. NTEP approved at 5,000 divisions.

Platform Dimension-
3731LP                                           3735LP

254mm (L) x 254mm (W)               457mm (L) x 457mm (W)
10" L x 10" W                                 18" L x 18" W

356mm (L) x 356mm (W)
14" L x 14" W 

Part #                       Model                     Capacity                       Ship Weight              Price

57369-0013             3731LP       5kg x 0.001kg / 10lb x 0.002lb          13lb                    $378.25
57369-0021             3731LP     10kg x 0.002kg / 25lb x 0.005lb          13lb                    $378.25
57369-0039             3731LP       25kg x 0.005kg / 50lb x 0.01lb          13lb                    $378.25 
57369-0047             3733LP       50kg x 0.01kg / 100lb x 0.02lb          38lb                    $469.20
57369-0054             3733LP     100kg x 0.02kg / 250lb x 0.05lb          38lb                    $532.95
57369-0062             3735LP       50kg x 0.01kg / 100lb x 0.02lb          48lb                    $731.85
57369-0070             3735LP     100kg x 0.02kg / 250lb x 0.05lb          48lb                    $731.85        


56019-0019             Ball top shroud 356mm x 356mm / 14" x 14"                                  $216.00
56020-0016             Ball top shroud 457mm x 457mm / 18" x 18"                                  $274.50