Salter Brecknell™ Model 235-10S Hanging Scale

Robust and corrosion resistant, large easy to read 254mm diameter dial housed in a tough ABS plastic case with a shatterproof polycarbonated dial cover. Nylon bearings provide postitive movement to give maximum sensitivity. Accurate to 1 part in 500 with up to 10% zero adjustment. Includes top and bottom hook. Non-trade.

Part Number                      Capacity                                            Price

MSLN01008010000            5kg x 10g                                       $212.50
MSLN02608010000           10kg x 20g                                    $212.50 
MSLN04108010000           25kg x 50g                                    $212.50
MSLN05108010000           50kg x 100g                                  $212.50 
MSLN06808010000           100kg x 200g                                $212.50