Salter Brecknell™ MBS Series Balance

The MBS Series is ideal for almost any application in market sectors requiring an accurate precision weighing solution. This is an alternative to premium priced analytical balances in applications requiring multiple weighing units with RS-232 standard. Constructed of robust plastic housing with stainless steel top platter for easy cleaning. Operates on six AA batteries (300g - 600g) and eight AA batteries (1200g - 6000g) (included).

Platform Dimension
300g and 600g                                     1200g to 6000g
118mm (dia)                                          175mm (dia)
4.65" (dia)                                              6.9" (dia) 

 Part number           Capacity              Ship Weight                Price

816965004881       300g x 0.005g                3.1lb                   $226.95

816965004898         600g x 0.01g                3.1lb                   $226.95

816965004904       1200g x 0.02g                5.5lb                   $226.95

816965004911       3000g x 0.05g                5.5lb                   $242.25

816965004928         6000g x 0.1g                5.5lb                   $242.25



52765-0949              RS-232 cable                                        $36.00