Salter Brecknell™ LS521 Livestock Weighing

LS521 is a new range of electronic weigh heads which can be set up to suit all cattle, sheep, and pig crushes including both direct pull versions and lever ratio versions. A completely self contained unit comprising a battery powered indicator, load cell, mounting brackets, application parts and supplied complete with a battery charger. The LS521 weigh head can be supplied for installation either as a base mounted or top mounted version to suit the crush design being used. The stainless steel IP65 rated electronic display features a green backlit display with 6 x 25 mm high digits. Function keys are on/off/zero; unit/data; print/func; M/G/total; tare/preset; hold/setup. The 'hold' function eliminates the effects of animal movements and gives a stable reading. An auto shut off feature allows the indicator to turn off after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life RS-232 output is standard. UK AC adapter included.

The LS521 direct pull weigh head is suitable for weighing up to 300kg including the weight of the crush. The scale can be electronically set to remove the tare weight of the crush, so when the crush is emplty the display returns to zero.
Capacity:   300kg
Resolution:   0.2kg
When ordering a direct pull weigh head the following information is required:
Mounting:  (Base mounto or top mounted)
Weighing range: (xxx.xxxkg)
Crush Weight: (xxx.xxxkg)
Combined weight: (must be less than 300kg) 

Part Number               Capacity            Volt         Price
816965006045        300kg x 0.2kg        230V      $694.45