Salter Brecknell™ LPS15/ LPS150/ LPS400 Electronic Bench Scales

LPS scales are particularly suited to shipping/warehouse applications and general purpose weighing. These are very affordable scales with accurate weights up to 182 kg/ 400lb. The 16mm/ 0.625" LCD diplay can be wall or desk mounted for easy visibility. Constructed using a low profile stainless steel platform with mild steel understructure and stainless steel/ ABS indicator. Standard NCI protocol interfaces to most common shipping software, including UPS™ Worldship Online. Operates on four AAA batteries or US AC adapter (both included). Not for legal trade.

Platform Dimension
380mm (L) x 305mm (W) x 27mm (H)
15" L x 12" W x 1" H 

Part Number        Model                   Capacity                        Ship Weight              Price

816965004799     LPS15      15kg x 0.005kg/ 30lb x 0.01lb               11lb                  $170.85
816965001224    LPS150     68kg x 0.02kg/ 150lb x 0.05lb            11lb                  $179.35 
816965001231    LPS400     182kg x 0.1kg/ 400lb x 0.2lb              11lb                  $179.35  


816965000951                     Foot switch (30lb capacity)                                         $27.90