Salter Brecknell™ 6103 Electronic Bench Scale

A small footprint is a great advantage where counter space is at a premium. Use the 6103 to build consistent products and control ingredient costs, enhancing customer satisfaction and maximizing profitability. The innovative "touchless" zero mechanism lets you wave or place your hand over the display to zero the scale. The removable stainless steel platter and detachable display and bracket make it easy to clean. The full capacity zero means you can weigh each ingredient as it is added. US AC power adapter included.

Platter Dimension
254mm (L) x 152mm (W)
10" L x 6" W 

Part Number                                                Capacity                                             Volt     Weight   Price

9570-13787      10lb x 0.005lb touchless zero with flat rear display bracket               110V       9lb     $449.65
9570-13781      160oz x 0.05oz touchless zero with flat rear display bracket           110V      9lb     $449.65
9570-17078      240oz x 0.1oz touchless zero with remote swivel display bracket  110V      9lb      $466.65
9570-17242      400oz x 0.25oz push button zero, front mount shelf  bracket         110V      9lb      $449.65 


7140-17108        Prep table zero switch 1.2m/ 4' cable                                                                      $46.80
7130-17080-10   Zero foot switch with 3m/ 10' cable                                                                         $81.00
*1140-13842       3m/ 10' RS-232C interface cable (9-pin M/F pass through)                                    $13.50
7200-17084         Extra magnetic strip (for mounting displays)                                                            $5.40

*Not included with scale- must be ordered as an accessory