CAS FW-500 Series Portion Control Scales

Waterproof scale with large stainless steel tray and IP69k waterproof design. Perfectly protected from high pressure and high temperature washing.


  • 15, 30, 60 lb capacities
  • Waterproof Scale with IP69 Waterproof Design
  • Battery or AC Operated
  • lb/oz/kg/g switchable
  • Power Saving Feature
  • Gross Net DisplaY
  • Platter Size
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Linearity Calibration Points (4)
  • Percent Calibration
  • Dual Display Option



                    Model                              Item #                                  Price

    FW500 Series- Single Display 15lb/6Kg        FW500-C(15LB)         $280.00

    FW500 Series- Single Display 30lb/15Kg      FW500-C(30LB)         $280.00

    FW500 Series- Single Display 60lb/30Kg      FW500-C(60LB)         $280.00

    FW500 Series- Dual Display 15lb/6Kg        FW500-CR(15LB)         $316.00

    FW500 Series- Dual Display 30lb/15Kg      FW500-CR(30LB)         $316.00

    FW500 Series- Dual Display 60lb/30Kg      FW500-CR(60LB)         $316.00


    AC Adaptor                                                                                           $32.40